Premier Collect

Our Premier Collect program helps your chiropractic practice recover hard-to-collect and large balance debts. It’s been developed and refined over several decades, and remains one of the cornerstones that our clients leverage as part of the collection process.

Premier Collect includes:

  • Effective Collection LettersIC-Sidebar-Button BECOME A CLIENT
  • Professional Telephone Contacts
  • Skip Tracing Services
  • National Credit Reporting
  • Attorney Referral
  • Litigation Referral

Training at ICPremier Collect also provides intensive collection services for: 

  • Consumer Accounts ($50 minimum balance)
  • Hard-to-Collect Debts
  • High-balance Accounts

In addition, our Standard Collection Program also includes:

  • Comprehensive monthly reports
  • Toll-free access to dedicated Client Service Representatives
  • Full protection through a “Hold Harmless” AgreementICS_Chiro_Callout_2