Company History

Ruth Erickson

Ruth Erickson and her husband Jack founded I.C. System in 1938 on the guiding principle of giving their customers ethical, honest service … a concept that collection agencies in the 1930’s never even considered. Today, we are ranked among the 10 largest debt collection agencies in North America. Our growth is the result of holding fast to the Erickson’s vision of exceeding clients’ expectations regarding recovery and service, which has helped our client relationships last for decades instead of days.

While we do service some Fortune 500 clients, I.C. System is unique from other debt collection agencies of our size in that we are endorsed by hundreds of professional associations across a variety of industries. Those professional associations – including more than a dozen Chiropractic Associations – recommend our services to their members, and as a result we serve businesses and medical practices of all sizes.

Headquartered outside of St. Paul, Minnesota, I.C. System remains a family-owned company and is certified as a Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE).